Custom Sequin Apparel for Schools, Teams & Businesses

We specialize in custom sequin apparel and accessories. We sequin anything from t-shirts, sweatshirts, duffle bags, to head bands & more!

About Berilliant Sequins

At Berilliant Sequins all our products are created at our in-house facility, which allows us to offer superior quality products, affordable prices, quick turnarounds and outstanding customer service. We have many colors and sizes of sequins to meet all of your needs.

Whether your creative juices are flowing and you have already created a design, or you need help creating that perfect look, Berilliant Sequins is the partner for you! We can create just about any design or logo that you can imagine with sequins! We also have packages to meet the full spectrum of orders!


Compared to traditional rhinestones, sequins prove to be more durable and have the ability to withstand more washes. At Berilliant Sequins, we use the sequins with the highest grade of adhesive available on the market. The sequins do not rub against each other or catch on anything which prolongs the life of the design and apparel.

Weight & Breathability

The sequins we use are very light in weight and completely breathable. Whether you have thousands of sequins applied, or just a few, the clothing will feel the same as any ordinary shirt would.

Our sequins are holographic. Available in 3mm and 5mm.